© Gamerzart.com 2013 web site by uh media Dragon Escape Description: Help the little dragon escape from the falling bricks. Instructions: Remove groups of the same colored bricks by shooting on them with the space bar. Collect the food from the bricks to reach the goal. Control Scheme:  fire: space  movement: arrow
Check out our recent opinions Arcade Games Arcade Games are usually found in resturants, children's playlands, theme parks, amusement parks, tourist areas, pizza shops, seaside piers, casinos, cafes, pubs and other public places. ...more... Adventure Games Action Games Mobile Games Need for Speed Most Wanted 2012 Video Games and Children Hi everyone, Here are some of my thoughts and opinions about Games. As all of us know that studies are the most important part in our child’s life but games are also very important for their mental, physical and emotional growth.Same goes for online games on computer. Some worried parents don’t allow their children to sit in front of a computer and play games. I personally feel games are very essential for everybody. Games are very cheap and economical entertainment for all. We can easily avail this entertainment at our home. The people who like action-based games, make their decisions faster than others. Games improve one's creativity, sharpen the mind and helps to improve the power of decision. Sometimes, it helps to save yourself from bad company. Players can focus on the problems and get rid of them and come to solutions faster as compared to others. Games are beneficial for the brain. It helps one with how to deal with pressure and act accordingly. Games are also a solution for depression. Giving you joy, pleasure and relaxation. Games can divert one’s attention from a critical situation to a normal condition. Games are a healthy activity and the best use of time. I hope most of you will agree with me. I would love to include your opinions about games and games reviews. Are you ready? I hope to see everyone there!
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